Just for today: Sigma DP1 14MP Digital Camera lowest price ever!

Why the Sigma DP1 is a new camera concept?

In some way the new Sigma DP1 is a great concept.
Use a small P&S like camera, insert a larger DSLR sensor (here the Foveon sensor of the Sigma SD14) and add a good lens.
Larger sensors can mean less noise and more image quality.

Sigma decided to use a fix focus 28mm f/4 lens which makes it a cool wide-angle compact camera.
Maybe to get a smaller lens the sensor could even be slightly smaller. Also the decision to have a good optical viewfinder (although optional with the Sigma DP1) is a good idea.

The main reason for the attracting so much interest is its sensor: the controversial Foveon X3 sensor capable of 14MP resolution, and the first APS-C sized sensor in a compact digicam.
The sensor, last seen in the Sigma SD14 DSLR, has aroused criticism due to the way the image is captured by three layers of photocells buried within differing depths of the silicon substrate. One of silicon’s properties is the way it absorbs red, green and blue light at different depths and Foveon uses that property to build the pixels within three strata of the chip. Traditional CCD or CMOS sensors have the photocells on top of the chip, and use a Bayer RGB filter to separate the different colours.

It is possible to record images in RAW or the widely used JPEG in four resolution modes. It offers five Exposure modes and three Metering modes as well as being equipped with a built-in flash with the Guide Number of 6, hot shoe, neck strap and 2.5-inch TFT color LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 pixels.

The DP1 has the high resolution and functionality of an SLR, plus adaptability in terms of accessories, all built into a small body. A wide range of accessories, optical viewfinder [VF-11], Lens Hood [HA-11], and Electronic Flash [EF-140 DG] are available for the DP1 camera.

Why today?

Because, there’s an offer for the Sigma DP1 that is valid today only, April 9, 2009, and while supplies last, so hurry up!


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