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Nikon D300s

The Nikon D300s updates the excellent D300 as Nikon’s flagship DX format DSLR. It combines the performance and handling panache of its predecessor with high-definition video capability.

The Nikon D300 made a impressionable impact when it was first launched 2 years ago making it the semi-professional DSLR to beat. And in many respects it is still the camera to beat in that class. After 2 years, Nikon deemed it is time to up the ante, which most notably includes support for 720p video capture, and launched the D300S. The D300S will replace the D300 the same way the D70S replaced the D70 and it is looking to hold on to that high-end non-full frame slot for a long time.

In line with tradition, the Nikon D300s
looks just like its older counterpart. The most notable addition is the three small holes just underneath the model number which is a microphone, a feature last seen in the D90.

Many of the new features on the Nikon D300s
are those that are already featured on recent Nikon DSLRs like virtual horizon from the D3 and movies from the D90. But one genuine new feature is the inclusion of contrast-detection autofocus that operates while in movie mode. This is a first for a Nikon DSLR.

There are some changes to the connection ports on the left. The HDMI output is now a mini HDMI port with a smaller Type-C specification.
Also new are twin card slots – one Type I CompactFlash and one SD/SDHC – with a full complement of write options. Either slot can be designated the primary one, with the secondary slot used for Backup (each photo is written to both cards) or Overflow (when the primary card is full the camera switches to writing to the secondary card). In addition, the Nikon D300s
can be configured to store NEFs on one and JPEGs on the other, plus photos can be copied between the cards too. Also interesting is the support for the newer Wi-Fi capable memory cards.

Many changes can also be found on the back where there is a repositioned “Lv” button which activates the Live view feature. Just below that is the “Info” which brings the Nikon D300s
up to the same level of usability as the D90. The dedicated “Info” button is extremely useful in that it lets you get to every camera setting and menu item using only your right hand.


The Nikon D300S is responsive and the improved frame rate is also a bonus. Still image focusing is fast and the AF viewfinder confirmation display is superb, the improved frame advance rate helps with fleeting subjects but seems to suffer when shooting uncompressed RAW files.

Metering and white balance are almost flawless. In terms of white balance, using auto WB setting seems to have a slight orange cast, but if you pick the correct WB setting for the picture by using a custom setting, the D300S renders natural looking images. Metering is excellent with the 3D Color Matrix.

In terms of image noise, shots in near darkness at ISO 1600 provide images with a good balance between image detail and noise. However, pushing ISO to 6400 results in images with an obvious level of noise.

Nikon Coolpix S710

The Nikon Coolpix S710 is a 14.5 megapixel digital camera. It has a 3.6x wide angle lens. One advantage it has over other smaller compacts is the fact it also has manual exposure modes. Other features include image stabilisation and a 3 inch LCD screen.

The Nikon Coolpix S710 is a compact that’s suited to night-time photography. Not only does it feature a 3-inch LCD screen that’s bright and easy to view in low light, but it also comes equipped with a generously high ISO of up to 12800 (allowing you to capture images in lower light without the need for flash) as well a Vibration Reduction feature to cut down on unsightly image wobble.

Nikon + Nikon deal: how to apply!

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